Finally, A Chance To Buy Stocks Again After A Stellar 2013

Time To Look For Opportunities: The stock market has finally given buyers a chance to reevaluate new entry points.  After a stellar 2013 with the S&P 500 having its best yearly gain in 16 years and the Dow rising at the highest level annualized in 18 years, equities proved to be the right move.  Our[…]

Stocks Don’t Look Back: November 2013 S&P 500 Technical Analysis

The stock market has been resilient for the last few weeks only pausing to go much higher.  Naysayers have watched in awe as the major indexes continue to rise without any significant pullback. We mentioned in our last article that we expected some level of negative rate of change in the major indexes but not[…]

S&P 500 Technical Analysis Update October 2013

Now that we’ve got the government shutdown and the debt default behind us, figuratively that is, which way is the market headed?  The lack of economic data for the past 2 weeks has kept the focus away from earnings and jobs as most investors stayed in protection mode wondering if the government would default on[…]

Does The Stock Market Want An October 2013 U.S. Government Debt Default?

No – However……. The U.S. government has been shutdown for the past 2 weeks and the market has been exceptionally resilient. Two weeks ago I speculated the U.S. government shutdown would have little or no impact on market sentiment. The small cap exchange traded fund IWM wasn’t signaling a sharp decrease and tech stocks declined[…]

5 Reasons The Fed Didn’t Taper, As I Expected….

Ben Bernanke didn’t taper today and stocks soared.  Most people began to whisper numbers that were floated in the media but were never ‘leaked’ by the FOMC or announced in news conferences by the Fed Chairman (which are being held for the first time ever under Bernanke’s tenure).  In essence, the numbers 10 billion, 15[…]

Stocks Drift Lower After Worst Week Since June, Is August 2013 Momentum Fading? $MDY Technical Analysis

U.S. Equities Follow Through On Losses After Worst Week In Several: The U.S. stock market closed lower today after showing early signs of reduced bullishness last week.   The S&P 500 fell 1.95 points to 1,689 as investors fled financials and home builders. Tech and small cap companies may have suffered from a short-term reduction[…]

August 2013 S&P 500 Technical Analysis Update

Today the market showed some signs of losing momentum and it was the second of two down days in a row for the Dow Jones Industrial Average in over a month.  Traders are set for summer doldrums associated with possible seasonal declines and technical analysis levels also show the overall market could be temporarily exhausted[…]

Russell 2K Closes At All Time High July 2013 After Bernanke Speaks Accommodatively

The recent rally in stocks has had many haters and new ones will be coming to the fore shortly.  The ‘most hated’ rally in history moved up another leg today after Ben Bernanke’s speech yesterday clarified which way the Fed will be headed.  The two most major initiatives of the FOMC are to monitor inflation[…]

S&P 500 & Homebuilders Break Upward Momentum As Bernanke Caves In Roof

S&P 500 & Homebuilders Break Upward Momentum As Bernanke Caves In Roof: Chairman Ben Bernanke may have single  handedly stopped the ‘wealth effect’ he helped create as short sellers took over the market definitively today dropping the Dow Jones Industrial Average 137 points.  Traders dumped everything including bonds and stocks. with equities continuing the downside[…]