Economic and Technical Analysis 2015 Year End Wrap Up

Stocks didn’t do much last year and it seemed like the big money managers had a hard time with several major hedge taking huge losses.  The S&P 500 rose .22 percent with a high but it was more than flat for most money managers. Oil continued to be a wealth taker and I was clear[…]

March 2015 Stock Market Technical Analysis: A Few Bullish Charts To Consider

The U.S. Stock Market is bouncing back after the testimony from Janet Yellen last week that solidified assumptions the Fed will be holding off on raising rates this year.  Economic data has been weak for the last few weeks which is keeping the Fed from moving too soon.  Although the word “patience” was taken out[…]

February 2015 Stock Market Rally Continues With Low Volatility But…..

The U.S. stock market has been on a tear recently and defied expectations of a pullback with increased strength this month.  Volatility declined sharply as traders gobbled up equity shares while the TLT faltered.  The current environment is bullish but the intermediate term could be a bit extended.  This doesn’t mean that holding cash is[…]

Is That VIX Still Broken?

Stock Market Volatility Indicator Technical Analysis February 2015: The stock market is showing some signs of short-term consolidation and market participants may be looking to increase cash holdings.  The momentum stocks on most people’s watch lists aren’t reaching new highs (except for Apple) and after the Fed meeting last week, stocks ended the month with[…]

2014 Stock Market Highlights – The Most Hated Rally Stays Hated

2014 Technical Chart Analysis Wrap UP – I Predicted 18,000 Back In June – Here’s What’s Next: It was another good year for Tory Capital Economics.  The start of 2014 set the tone for bulls but by the summer, sentiment became more bearish while I was calling for the Dow to hit 18,000.  My analysis[…]

The Correction That Wasn’t: July – August 2014

Why There Was No S&P 500 Stock Market Correction July – August 2014: It seemed like all the bears were getting ready to celebrate….but not so fast.  The most anticipated correction in history never occurred as the ‘most hated’ stock market rally in history continued.  Against the backdrop of Russian troops at the Ukrainian boarder,[…]

U.S. Stock Market Rally Continues Amid Negative July 2014 Global Headline Risk

The next leg of the rally may have just begun: The U.S. stock market continues to be the ‘most hated rally’ in history.  Long-term holders have been rewarded for their patience while short-term buyers are rewarded for purchasing on dips. Even global headlines that were extremely negative have not dampened bullish sentiment.  Here are 3[…]

Dow Jones Looks Poised for 18,000

  The Dow Jones Industrial Average looks ready to set a new all time high of 17,000 after continued follow-through since the Fed meeting last week.  Market participants where rationally exuberant after Janet Yellen kept on course and didn’t rock the boat with higher quantitative easing.  As expected, the FOMC kept the rates constant and[…]