August 2013 S&P 500 Technical Analysis Update

Today the market showed some signs of losing momentum and it was the second of two down days in a row for the Dow Jones Industrial Average in over a month.  Traders are set for summer doldrums associated with possible seasonal declines and technical analysis levels also show the overall market could be temporarily exhausted[…]

S&P 500 & Homebuilders Break Upward Momentum As Bernanke Caves In Roof

S&P 500 & Homebuilders Break Upward Momentum As Bernanke Caves In Roof: Chairman Ben Bernanke may have single  handedly stopped the ‘wealth effect’ he helped create as short sellers took over the market definitively today dropping the Dow Jones Industrial Average 137 points.  Traders dumped everything including bonds and stocks. with equities continuing the downside[…]

May 2013 Best Since 2009 For Equities, Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Will June 2013 Be Better Than May? The stock market has been on a tear recently and May 2013 was profitable for bullish traders. Bonds took a drubbing as risk lovers gobbled up stocks and June 2013 could be another good month.  There are lots of reasons for the 2013 rally but here are a[…]

s&p 500 technical analysis chart 6 months ended may 28 2013

Sell In May And Go Away Fails Again In 2013

S&P 500 Closes In On New Highs After Inside Outside Gap Up Day: Stocks hit our resistance levels and show no clear advantage to sellers or buyers.  Short- term trends could favor buyers on dips but there are some reasons to look more carefully at intermediate trends.  Key stocks that made gains all year are[…]

Is May 2013 Equity Volatility Rising?

Equities Flip-Flop As Trading Sentiment Turns Shaky: Stocks flipped-flopped ending the day with modest losses as traders changed sentiment from positive to negative several times. The Dow changed from up 30 to down negative 30 in the current extended rally that hasn’t had much of a correction. Our technical analysis chart/relative strength indicator/distribution analysis for the[…]

May 2013 Stock Market Rally Takes No Break, Is It Too Late To Get In?

The Most Hated Stock Market Rally Just Got More Institutional Friends: Stocks jumped yesterday as more smart money stayed bullish and shorts were forced to spend money on ‘shovels’.  Some of the “hold your nose buying” we said would occur happened as big players stepped in and a parabolic move up took shorts out of the market.[…]

Technical Analysis Note: S&P 500 April 8, 2013

S&P 500 trend is rangebound/upward: The S&P 500 pulled back to levels that were considered support on Friday after a dismal jobs number was announced showing a gain of only 88,000 new employed people for the month of March 2013.  The stock market was extremely resilient considering the bad data as well as the negative[…]

Dow Has First 9 Day Winning Streak Since 1996 On February 2013 Retail Sales, Traders Cautious

Dow Has First 9 Day Winning Streak Since 1996 On February 2013 Retail Sales, Traders Cautious: When will we start talking about the Fed again? Traders picked up on upward momentum in midday trading as the Dow rose marginally in a cautious trading environment. The Dow Jones Industrial Average barely gained for the day closing[…]

U.S. Stocks Mixed As Volatility Rebounds

U.S. Stocks Mixed As Volatility Rebounds: U.S. stocks were mixed today after traders digested a week and a half of higher momentum.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 14,450.06 up 2.77 or 0.02% while the NASDAQ was down by 10.55 ending the day at 3,242.32 or -0.32%. The S&P 500 also closed down 3.74[…]