August 2013 S&P 500 Technical Analysis Update

Today the market showed some signs of losing momentum and it was the second of two down days in a row for the Dow Jones Industrial Average in over a month.  Traders are set for summer doldrums associated with possible seasonal declines and technical analysis levels also show the overall market could be temporarily exhausted[…]

Baby Boomer Economics Part III: Health Care, Technology & Economic Expansion

We Conclude Our Baby Boomer Series With A Focus on Tech: The baby boomer generation has had a significant impact on how future generations will live and as the economy continues to improve slowly, new college graduates and baby boomers may feel the effects of slow economic growth more than their middle aged counterparts. Health[…]

CES Conference Generating Interest in Technology for 2011

CES Conference Generating Interest in Technology for 2011 The technology sector is making headline news as the CES conference began this week.  Technology has been forgotten in 2010 as many investors favored commodities, bonds and large caps stocks. Retailers have relaxed somewhat by midday today due to the rally they have experienced and many market participants[…]

Early Black Friday 2010 Indicators: Hiring Up

Will Black Friday Seasonal Hiring Lead to More 2011 Permanent Jobs? Black Friday holiday sales will be important in defining how the year 2010 ends and how 2011 will begin.  There is some evidence that this Black Friday 2010 has been somewhat of a success.  Retailers are stating that shopping traffic has been steady and[…]

Business Briefs: Bernanke, China & Technology

Business Briefs Fed Chairman Bernanke on Bonds The Federal Reserve Chairmen Ben Bernanke spoke today about taking steps to help the economic expansion at the Federal Reserve conference in Boston today.  How big will this step be? The Fed is looking to purchase more Treasury bonds and analysts are speculating over what size program will[…]

Apple Economics: Apple TV & Digital Distribution

Apple TV is here! Apple Economics Apple TV is released. Apple television cost analysis and Apple TV price economics – spillover effects/digital distribution. Apple TV is here and the new media community is buzzing. Will Apple TV be a game changer? Technology moves fast and it is difficult to make predictions about what direction consumers[…]