The Correction That Wasn’t: July – August 2014

Why There Was No S&P 500 Stock Market Correction July – August 2014: It seemed like all the bears were getting ready to celebrate….but not so fast.  The most anticipated correction in history never occurred as the ‘most hated’ stock market rally in history continued.  Against the backdrop of Russian troops at the Ukrainian boarder,[…]

S&P 500 Technical Analysis Update June 17, 2013

Stocks Look Shaky Before FOMC Meeting June 2013: Stocks are hitting resistance levels in a much more volatile week than most traders expected.  Many market participants are hedging just in case Ben Bernanke uses the “T word” tomorrow, but how can Bernanke mention tapering as opposed to possibly expanding QE? Chairman Bernanke has been explicit[…]

S&P 500 Loses 1 Percent On Poor ADP Employment Data March 2013, North Korea Concerns

U.S. Companies Add 158,000 Private Jobs U.S. companies added a meager 158,000 in March 2013 according to ADP and this was far below what most economists expected.  The increase in private sector jobs in March was slightly below the mean for the last few months and way below what would be considered expansionary.  This leaves[…]

S&P 500 Finally Hits All Time High March 2013

S&P 500 Closes At 1,569: The moment traders were anxiously waiting for finally occurred on Thursday, the last trading day of the first quarter 2013. The S&P 500 hit 1,566 early in the day and soon the word spread that the stock market was making gains again although bonds didn’t take too much of a[…]

S&P 500 Retreats As Initial Jobless Claims Weak, Cyprus News Rattles Investors

Maybe Cyrus really does matter? Initial claims for state unemployment benefits rose 2,000 the Labor Department said on Thursday to a seasonally adjusted 336,000, which didn’t help market sentiment early today.  Traders were given no more positive news from across the pond from Cyprus as the banking crisis continued and was followed by the Standard and[…]

S&P 500 Nears All-Time High After FOMC March Rate Decision

Fed March 2013 Decision Keeps Rates Unchanged: The S&P 500 came within 4 points of the all-time closing high after the Fed decided to keep interest rates unchanged.  Stocks meandered through the session but got a bounce after the FOMC decision to keep interest rates at current levels was announced.  Equities retreated late in the[…]

Dow Posts 10 Straight Up Days, Will The S&P 500 Hit A New All-Time High?

Short Term Bulls May Still Have Momentum: Traders are enthused about the current bullish trends as the S&P 500 approaches new all-time highs.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average has posted 10 straight days up while the NASDAQ and S&P 500 are at multi-year highs.  Momentum is decidedly bullish but many market participants believe a correction[…]


Shorts Enter Market As S&P 500 Nears New Multi-Year Highs – Retail Sales, HD Earnings Up

Shorts Enter Market As S&P 500 Nears New Multi-Year Highs – Retail Sales, HD Earnings Up: The S&P 500 neared new multi-year highs today after positive news from Home Depot and the retail sector.  U.S retail sales rose more than economists predicted as consumers hit stores in droves.  The Commerce Department said today, retail sails[…]