February 2015 Stock Market Rally Continues With Low Volatility But…..

The U.S. stock market has been on a tear recently and defied expectations of a pullback with increased strength this month.  Volatility declined sharply as traders gobbled up equity shares while the TLT faltered.  The current environment is bullish but the intermediate term could be a bit extended.  This doesn’t mean that holding cash is[…]

S&P 500 Technical Analysis Update October 2013

Now that we’ve got the government shutdown and the debt default behind us, figuratively that is, which way is the market headed?  The lack of economic data for the past 2 weeks has kept the focus away from earnings and jobs as most investors stayed in protection mode wondering if the government would default on[…]

Technical Analysis Note May 2013: Are More New Highs In Store For The S&P 500 And Is Dow 16,000 Looming?

Did Siegel Low-Ball It? The stock market is on a tear with several sectors rising.  Asian stocks were up big today with Malaysian stocks after election results lifted sentiment with volume was up 2000 percent from the 30 day moving average.  Globally, there may be a shifting tide towards growth and risk.  The S&P 500[…]

S&P 500 Hits 1,600, Dow Crosses 15,000 For The First Time: 165,000 Jobs Added In April 2013

Will The Bulls Remain In Control? The stock market soared after the latest employment numbers were released today.  Most economists and traders, including ToryCapital.com missed the unemployment number for April.  The jobs number was far more than what we were expecting at 63,000 and the number came in over our highest estimate of 88,000 with[…]

Dow Falls 120 Points In 1 Minute After AP Twitter Account Hack Says White House Exploded, Barack Obama Hurt

Associated Press Tweet Causes Flash Crash, Rattles Markets: The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell precipitously after a tweet from the Associated Press claimed the White House had been attacked and that President Obama was hurt.  The tweet occurred at 1:07 pm and at 1:16 pm, AP confirmed the account had been hacked at a White[…]

Technical Analysis Chart – S&P 500 Bounces Off Support Level- April 22, 2013: Where It Could Be Headed Next

S&P 500 Rangebound. The S&P 500 bounced off of levels that were considered near term support after a tumultuous headline filled week due to the Boston Marathon bombers and worries about public safety.  Equities rebounded after the bomb suspects had been accounted for and follow through today was a positive sign for stock market bulls.[…]

Stocks Rebound After Oversold Boston Marathon Bombing Losses: CPI Down, Housing Starts Up

Will Follow Through Occur? U.S. equities rebounded after losing ground yesterday. One day after the Boston Marathon Bombing, stocks rebounded led by the financials after Goldman Sachs reported good numbers along with positive housing data.  Housing starts increased by 0.7 percent to 1.04 million annually the Commerce Department said today.  The increase was the most[…]

Technical Analysis Note: S&P 500 April 11, 2013

S&P 500 trend is rangebound: The S&P 500 gained ground as the rally continued today. Shorts are getting hurt as the parabolic stock market move we expected comes to fruition (see March 28, 2013).  The current outlook for the next few days remains neutral-defensive with a bearish bias.  The S&P 500 has been increasing steadily[…]

Stocks Rebound But Does The April 2013 Rally Have More Steam?

Follow Through From Last Week Occurs – Finally: Stocks rebounded yesterday after rising late in the session last week. The follow through upward movement was welcome for bullish traders since the market has been rangebound recently. The rise in stocks came on no economic news but the market appeared to be oversold short term. Traders[…]

Technical Analysis Note: S&P 500 April 8, 2013

S&P 500 trend is rangebound/upward: The S&P 500 pulled back to levels that were considered support on Friday after a dismal jobs number was announced showing a gain of only 88,000 new employed people for the month of March 2013.  The stock market was extremely resilient considering the bad data as well as the negative[…]