June 2013 New Home Sales Data Flattens Equities

Did Bernanke Really Put The Brakes On The Housing Market? Sometimes good news is bad news, especially when it suggests Ben Bernanke and the FOMC could start tapering sooner than later.  Today’s housing data showed the market is in good health with new contracts nearing May 2008 levels. U.S. new home sales in June 2013[…]

FOMC, Bernanke Say No To Tapering In June 2013 Meeting But Markets Tank Anyway

This Could Be A Buying Opportunity For Equities In The Intermediate Run: Ben Bernanke and the FOMC kept interest rates the same and won’t be changing the current asset purchase program also known as QE infinity.  Bernanke was clear that the ‘downside’ risks were less great than a few months ago but if economic conditions[…]

Operation Twist Unravels Markets: Dow Jones Dips Below 11,000

Operation Twist Unravels Markets- Dow Jones Dips Below 11,000: Asian and European markets fall but…does the Fed see something we don’t? Stocks reacted negatively in the last hour of trading to news from the Fed that they would not change interest rates and would implement a new tool called ‘Operation Twist’.  The name isn’t a[…]

Market Looking Forward to “Operation Twist” But What About Europe?

Market Looking Forward to Operation Twist But What About Europe? “Operation Twist” and/or additional easing could mitigate European contagion effects. The Federal Reserve will begin a special two day session this week with the intent of finding new ways to help the U.S. economy grow.  The market is expecting some easing measures but not necessarily[…]

President Obama Talks Double Dip, Bernanke Says Growth “Uneven”: QE3 Looks More Likely?

President Obama Talks Double Dip- Bernanke Says Growth “Uneven”:  QE3 Looks More Likely? Can President Obama Get Reelected Without A Strong Economy? What Would That Mean For Bernanke? President Obama took center stage yesterday addressing the poor growth rate of the economy.  Recent economic data has shown that the economy is still in stagger mode[…]

5 Reasons Why The Market Turned Sour

5 Reasons Why The Market Turned Sour: Week In Review: Major Averages Continue Decline- What’s Next? Last week the markets continued their move downward as the major averages fell sharply.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average is nearing technical levels from over 2 months ago and many economists are lowering their forecasts for growth this year. […]

Fed Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged: Notes On Unemployment & QE2

Fed States High Unemployment and Need For Bond Purchases. The Fed left its key short-term interest rate near zero today where it has been been since December 2008. The Fed has also promised to keep rates low for some time to come.  Interest rates low for an “extended period”, will make U.S. assets more attractive[…]

Fed Begins Bond Buys – QE2

Fed Starts QE2 The Federal Reserve Bank purchased the first set of bonds since the Fed announced its large  purchase in attempts to boost the economy.  The plan has been widely criticized and the impact of the bond purchase is expected to boost asset prices over the longer term.  The Federal Reserve will be purchasing[…]

Initial Jobless Claims Fall: Data Surprises Many

Initial Jobless Claims Fall: More Economics Data Surprises Coming? Labor Department report: number of people filing for new unmeployment claims falls.  The number of individuals who have filed for new initial jobless claims fell to 434,000 this week.  New unemployed workers fell by 21,000 and is slowly getting closer to the levels that would signal[…]