Stocks Slump After FOMC July 2013 Decision Ahead Of Jobs Number

FOMC More Accommodative After Rocky June: Stocks fell today in the afternoon after the FOMC kept interest rates at the same level and stayed accommodative as we expected.  The recent jump in home sales may be short-lived as consumers recalibrate and look forward to low interest rates ‘indefinitely’.  Ben Bernanke and company mentioned nothing about[…]

Economic Data To Watch: Jobs Numbers, Consumer Spending-Credit Expansion

Economists and Market Watchers are Inspecting the Data and Checking it Twice. Headline Risk, Consumer Credit and Tax Policy Mixed results in recent economic data have economists coming to different conclusions about the stability of the U.S. economy. Two major factors that are focal points for discussion are consumer credit and the jobs market –[…]

Jobs Grow, Pending Homes Sales Slow

Unemployment Rate stays the same..Jobs Added The jobs number was better than expected by most economists today.  The economy gained 151,000 jobs in October and this is the best jobs report of its kind since May.  The major sectors that are creating jobs right now are health care, retail and temporary hiring/staffing agencies.  The unemployment[…]