U.S. Markets Tip Tapering On September 2013 Fed Move, The Potential Impact On Emerging Markets, Europe?

Traders Indecisive As NASDAQ Halts Trading, Jobless Claims & Housing Starts Down: Fed tapering will have an impact on world markets and the U.S. housing industry.  Economic data for the week ended August 23 mainly, initial jobless claims and new home sales data was below expectations. Jobless claims for August 15, 2013 came in at[…]

Stocks Slump After FOMC July 2013 Decision Ahead Of Jobs Number

FOMC More Accommodative After Rocky June: Stocks fell today in the afternoon after the FOMC kept interest rates at the same level and stayed accommodative as we expected.  The recent jump in home sales may be short-lived as consumers recalibrate and look forward to low interest rates ‘indefinitely’.  Ben Bernanke and company mentioned nothing about[…]

June 2013 New Home Sales Data Flattens Equities

Did Bernanke Really Put The Brakes On The Housing Market? Sometimes good news is bad news, especially when it suggests Ben Bernanke and the FOMC could start tapering sooner than later.  Today’s housing data showed the market is in good health with new contracts nearing May 2008 levels. U.S. new home sales in June 2013[…]

Bernanke Confirms Accommodating Stance In Congressional Testimony July 17, 2013:

Ben Bernanke Hasn’t Changed His Tune: Federal Open Market Committee Chairman, Ben Bernanke made it clear the Fed would be accommodating as long as economic conditions remain sluggish.  He also reiterated the Fed would hold assets long after it reduced purchases which would effectively keep the demand curve shifted and help interest rates stay low.  Although[…]

Russell 2K Closes At All Time High July 2013 After Bernanke Speaks Accommodatively

The recent rally in stocks has had many haters and new ones will be coming to the fore shortly.  The ‘most hated’ rally in history moved up another leg today after Ben Bernanke’s speech yesterday clarified which way the Fed will be headed.  The two most major initiatives of the FOMC are to monitor inflation[…]

S&P 500 & Homebuilders Break Upward Momentum As Bernanke Caves In Roof

S&P 500 & Homebuilders Break Upward Momentum As Bernanke Caves In Roof: Chairman Ben Bernanke may have single  handedly stopped the ‘wealth effect’ he helped create as short sellers took over the market definitively today dropping the Dow Jones Industrial Average 137 points.  Traders dumped everything including bonds and stocks. with equities continuing the downside[…]

FOMC, Bernanke Say No To Tapering In June 2013 Meeting But Markets Tank Anyway

This Could Be A Buying Opportunity For Equities In The Intermediate Run: Ben Bernanke and the FOMC kept interest rates the same and won’t be changing the current asset purchase program also known as QE infinity.  Bernanke was clear that the ‘downside’ risks were less great than a few months ago but if economic conditions[…]

S&P 500 Technical Analysis Update June 17, 2013

Stocks Look Shaky Before FOMC Meeting June 2013: Stocks are hitting resistance levels in a much more volatile week than most traders expected.  Many market participants are hedging just in case Ben Bernanke uses the “T word” tomorrow, but how can Bernanke mention tapering as opposed to possibly expanding QE? Chairman Bernanke has been explicit[…]

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Stocks End Inside-Out After Fed-Speak May 22, 2013

May 2013 Rally Fizzles, Is This A Buying Opportunity? The stock market lost ground yesterday after Fed speak hyped the equity buyers but sellers took over.  We anticipated a distribution day and traders changed sentiment with little economic data to end upward momentum. We expected an increase in volatility and the inside-outside movement yesterday was no[…]

The 3 Most Important Highlights From The FOMC Rate Decision May 1 2013

FOMC Does Not Signal End To QE: The FOMC’s statement today was strong/bullish but most of the attention was not on the lack of inflation or that the FOMC could make additional bond purchases.  ADP’s data today showed the economy is exceptionally weak with only 119 private jobs in April 2013 The 3 Most Important[…]