S&P 500 Technical Analysis Update June 17, 2013

Stocks Look Shaky Before FOMC Meeting June 2013: Stocks are hitting resistance levels in a much more volatile week than most traders expected.  Many market participants are hedging just in case Ben Bernanke uses the “T word” tomorrow, but how can Bernanke mention tapering as opposed to possibly expanding QE? Chairman Bernanke has been explicit[…]

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April 25, 2012 FOMC Meeting Keeps Rates Unchanged, Upgrades Jobs and GDP Forecasts

April 25, 2012 FOMC Meeting Keeps Rates Unchanged, Upgrades Jobs and GDP Forecasts: Jobs growth is sluggish but FOMC sees better growth ahead. The Federal Open Market Committee kept interest rates unchanged leaving the current target rate at 0 to 0.25 percent. Chairman Ben Bernanke held a press conference today and assured market participants that[…]

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Fed’s Beige Book February 29, 2012 Confirms U.S. Growing Moderately: QE3 In Doubt

Fed’s Beige Book Confirms U.S. Growing Moderately – QE3 In Doubt: The Federal Reserves Beige Book was released today and it confirmed evidence that shows the economy is growing at a moderate pace with some improvement in the housing sector. See italicized notes from the Fed Beige Book released February 29, 2012 below.  The chances[…]


Fed Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged As Expected – Downgrades Growth Forecasts

Fed Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged As Expected – Downgrades Growth Forecasts: Remember the hype that used to surround Fed rate decisions? The Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates unchanged as expected today without much fanfare from market participants.  The Fed Reserve announced a low interest rate policy until 2013 and took much of the[…]

The Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke To Hold Press Conferences

The Federal Reserve Bank Chairman To Hold News Conferences: Will More Information Be Better Or Worse? The Federal Reserve Bank will be getting more press.  Chairman Ben Bernanke announced today (Thursday March 24, 2011) the Federal Reserve Bank will begin holding press conferences this year to answer policy related questions.  Chairman Ben Bernanke’s approach is[…]

The Effects of Tax Cuts & Bernanke’s Bond Buy: Making Tax Cuts Permanent?

The Effects of Tax Cuts and Bernanke’s Bond Buy: The Federal Reserve began buying bonds recently and Ben Bernanke has received criticism for beginning the program.  Critics of the Fed believe Qe2 is not necessary, we believe the Fed has data on the economy that may legitimize this bond buy.  Our data also supports this[…]

Fed Begins Bond Buys – QE2

Fed Starts QE2 The Federal Reserve Bank purchased the first set of bonds since the Fed announced its large  purchase in attempts to boost the economy.  The plan has been widely criticized and the impact of the bond purchase is expected to boost asset prices over the longer term.  The Federal Reserve will be purchasing[…]