Does The Stock Market Want An October 2013 Government Shutdown?

Political uncertainty is reaching new unanticipated levels now that the government may shutdown next week.  The partisan bickering between the Republicans and Democrats looks irreconcilable and a “Contract With America”/hold hands moment seems highly unlikely.  Most market participants have focused on the possible Fed tapering in September 2013 and have shunned the effects of a[…]

June 2013 New Home Sales Data Flattens Equities

Did Bernanke Really Put The Brakes On The Housing Market? Sometimes good news is bad news, especially when it suggests Ben Bernanke and the FOMC could start tapering sooner than later.  Today’s housing data showed the market is in good health with new contracts nearing May 2008 levels. U.S. new home sales in June 2013[…]