Economic and Technical Analysis 2015 Year End Wrap Up

Stocks didn’t do much last year and it seemed like the big money managers had a hard time with several major hedge taking huge losses.  The S&P 500 rose .22 percent with a high but it was more than flat for most money managers. Oil continued to be a wealth taker and I was clear[…]

Technical Analysis Note May 2013: Are More New Highs In Store For The S&P 500 And Is Dow 16,000 Looming?

Did Siegel Low-Ball It? The stock market is on a tear with several sectors rising.  Asian stocks were up big today with Malaysian stocks after election results lifted sentiment with volume was up 2000 percent from the 30 day moving average.  Globally, there may be a shifting tide towards growth and risk.  The S&P 500[…]