S&P 500 Technical Analysis Update October 2013

Now that we’ve got the government shutdown and the debt default behind us, figuratively that is, which way is the market headed?  The lack of economic data for the past 2 weeks has kept the focus away from earnings and jobs as most investors stayed in protection mode wondering if the government would default on[…]

U.S. Markets Tip Tapering On September 2013 Fed Move, The Potential Impact On Emerging Markets, Europe?

Traders Indecisive As NASDAQ Halts Trading, Jobless Claims & Housing Starts Down: Fed tapering will have an impact on world markets and the U.S. housing industry.  Economic data for the week ended August 23 mainly, initial jobless claims and new home sales data was below expectations. Jobless claims for August 15, 2013 came in at[…]

August 2013 S&P 500 Technical Analysis Update

Today the market showed some signs of losing momentum and it was the second of two down days in a row for the Dow Jones Industrial Average in over a month.  Traders are set for summer doldrums associated with possible seasonal declines and technical analysis levels also show the overall market could be temporarily exhausted[…]

Stocks Slump After FOMC July 2013 Decision Ahead Of Jobs Number

FOMC More Accommodative After Rocky June: Stocks fell today in the afternoon after the FOMC kept interest rates at the same level and stayed accommodative as we expected.  The recent jump in home sales may be short-lived as consumers recalibrate and look forward to low interest rates ‘indefinitely’.  Ben Bernanke and company mentioned nothing about[…]

June 2013 Unemployment Remains At 7.6 With 195,000 New Jobs Created, When Good News Is Not So Bad News

Unemployment Remains At 7.6 With 195,000 New Jobs Created, When Good News Is Not So Bad News: The stock market had the reverse sentiment one would have expected after an improved June 2013 jobs report last week. Perhaps the Feds expectations game is working and good news is – not so bad news. Equities were[…]

U.S. Economy Adds 175,000 New Jobs & Unemployment Rises To 7.6%, Why Taper?

Why Fed Tapering Talk Should End: All the talk about the Fed pulling the punch bowl on liquidity is a bit premature. Yes the stock market has been rising without pause for a few months but that doesn’t mean the economy is any more solid than 5 years ago when President Obama first entered the[…]

May 2013 Jobs Data Could Show Fed Has No Reason To Signal Or Taper In 2013

Recent Fed Signaling May Be Too Early Depending On May 2013 Jobs Data: The stock market has been on a tear recently but Fed officials have been making comments that are getting market participants nervous.  This week’s ISM report, ADP payroll information and initial jobless claims data shows this approach may have been a bit[…]

Are Equities Getting Attractive Again If May 2013 Jobs Numbers Aren’t ‘Dismal’?

This could be a good buying opportunity if May 2013 unemployment falls: The stock market took a unified drubbing today but did the sellers overdo it?  Equities could be looking more attractive to long-term buyers in the short run and there is some evidence stocks are oversold.  Volatility has risen in the last few days[…]

May 2013 Stock Market Rally Halts As Economic Data Underwhelms

Is now a good time to get in? A few negative economic data points helped keep the stock market from posting new index highs yesterday.  The most important data released was new housing starts and initial jobless claims that were more negative than anticipated. New housing starts dropped 16.5 between April and March 2013, which is[…]