Celestine O. Chukumba Ph.D.

celestine o. chukumba ph.d. at princeton hip hop conference 2011

Tory Capital Economics Editor in Chief | Celestine O. Chukumba Ph.D.

Celestine O. Chukumba Ph.D. is a technology enthusiast and economics – new media blogger.  He runs InterSearchMedia.com a Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and Web Analytics firm.  He holds four degrees in Economics and writes daily about technology, politics, finance, culture, trends and the arts.

Celestine studied economics at Rutgers College, Rutgers University and graduated with a BA in 1995.  After graduation, he worked as a technology consultant on various wall street trading floors working with traders and asset managers to help them with technology issues.  It was here that Celestine acquired knowledge about trading tools and techniques.  He began trading stocks in 1995 and has been an active market participant throughout his graduate and academic career.

From 1998 to 2000, Celestine attended the New School for Social Research while working full time as a information technology consultant to CIBC Oppenheimer, Nesbitt Burns, .  In 2000 he received admission to the University of Notre Dame to work on his Ph.D. in economics and econometrics.  He received his Masters from the New School and graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2005 with a Ph.D. in Economic and Econometrics.  In 2005 he taught at Penn State University in their Information, Sciences and Technology Department at their main campus before leaving to pursue his own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Dr. Chukumba is also the founder of Geofenced Location-Based Social Media Monitoring, Social Listening Software Company Abmuku with enterprise tools and platform solutions.

Celestine plays several music instruments, is a DJ, painter and manages the operations of several websites as a consultant.  He also manages data web analytics for several InterSearchMedia owned websites including ToryCapital.com, and CollegeDJ.net a website he created preparing for a lesson plan while teaching Entrepreneurship at Penn State University IST in State College, Pennsylvania.

Please contact him at:

Celestine O. Chukumba Ph.D. on Twitter @celestichukumba

Tory Capital Economics, Finance and Market Forecasts
Head Trader/Technical Analysis - Head of Economics Intelligence Unit
Celestine O. Chukumba Ph.D. is the head trader and chief economist at ToryCapital.com. He writes daily about technical analysis, market forecasts and updates the site with economics news. He is a technical analysis and social media consultant to several financial firms and is a swing/day trader. He has been trading equities since he graduated from college and has nearly 20 years of trading experience
New York City,NY


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