The Effects Of A U.S. Federal Government Shutdown 2011: What Happens Now?


The Effects Of A U.S. Federal Government Shutdown 2011: What Happens?

Who will be impacted?

What could happen as a result of the government shutdown?  If the government does shutdown for an extended period, the impact will be overwhelmingly negative and the states would lose millions in revenue daily.  President Barack Obama and the Democrats have not come to an agreement with their Republican peers and a shutdown will occur.  The 72 hour rule makes it impossible for the government to stay open at this point and an agreement should have been reached yesterday to prevent the government from shutting down tomorrow.

Analysts are making predictions as to who will suffer the most from the shutdown but the main factor that will help to determine this will be the length of the shutdown and the relative pain most people will feel as a result.  Take private sector employees  for example, they wont feel the effects immediately as hiring of private employees has been increasing but the longer the shutdown, the more it will impact private workers indirectly.  Here is a list of possible effects of the shutdown – who may be impacted.

List of Possible Shutdown Issues/Effects

  • Social Security could be delayed
  • New Medicare applicants may be slowed
  • Passport and Visa Applications would come to a halt
  • Some government checks will still go out.
  • Some government information and websites would not be updated
  • National parks, zoos, museums close
  • Taxes will be collected but refunds would be late
  • Mail will still be delivered

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