How Social Media Impacted the 2010 Elections

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Facebook, Twitter and connections to websites have had a serious impact on how the campaigns were able to win their elections.  Republicans outnumbered the Democratic Party in our social media metrics analysis provided by  We kept our calls close at bay but it we did give several races to watch that were either high profile or worth watching from our vantage point.  While all races are important, social media played a role in finding the appropriate topics for polling and for ballot initiatives.  We used our Facebook pages and personal Twitter accounts to get information from our readers about how they felt regarding taxes, spending, the economy and the pulse of the markets.  The ToryCapital page has a diverse set of readers and focuses on independent economics analysis.  Our readers gave us information that showed

  1. Small business initiatives were important.
  2. Negative perceptions of government intervention were rising.
  3. Tax concerns important.

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These themes were solidified in the elections.  The 2010 elections were characterized by Democratic challengers who were able to ride the President Obama wave and did not develop full social media capacity themselves.  Social Media counts on major websites showed the Democrats at a serious disadvantage.  The Republicans seemed to have learned from their mistakes in 2010 and had a unique message that was proliferated via social media and independent websites.

The amount of new –independent/right leaning websites that have significant reach has grown and traditional media outlets have not.  How did social media do?  It shaped the election.  Those who were slow to realize the shift in themes via social media comments, updates, websites, keywords and group lists won’t be scratching their head – they literally saw it coming… It is crucial to begin developing strong ties with the elements behind social media that make it work better – for example, social media groups can help direct individual messages to special interests that share a common goal.  The next iteration of social media will involve important connections between sites…

Election Update : Update: Bennet Claims Victory in Colorado – Scott wins in Florida

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